When Is It Time to Call a Foreclosure Defense Attorney?

Many homeowners may have a time when they have trouble making a mortgage payment. If it is an isolated incident and then you catch up on your mortgage again, you likely do not need any assistance from a legal professional. However, if you continue to be delinquent on your mortgage, the situation can quickly escalate, and you may be in danger of losing your property.

Unfortunately, many people who wait to call a lawyer could have benefited from an attorney’s help earlier in the process. The following is some additional information about when it is the right time to call a foreclosure attorney.

If You Have Received Notice of Foreclosure

If you have a foreclosure case filed against you, it is critical to seek legal representation as soon as possible. There are many ways an attorney can work to prevent a foreclosure and find an alternative solution. You should never think that losing your house is inevitable and there is not hope for a favorable resolution.

If You Are in Default

If you have received notice of default, it is likely that a foreclosure case will be filed very soon. There are ways our attorneys can work with your lender to avoid a foreclosure filing whenever possible through mortgage modifications or similar solutions.

If You Are Having Financial Problems.

If you are struggling to pay your debts, you should not hesitate to call our law firm to discuss your legal options for debt relief. If you are falling behind on your mortgage because of medical bills or credit card payments, we can explore the option of bankruptcy to relieve some of your debt so that you can avoid defaulting on your mortgage.

Our St. Petersburg Foreclosure Lawyers Are Here to Help You

At the law office of Berkowitz & Myer in St. Petersburg, we are committed to helping people in Florida stay in their homes and regain control of their finances. It is never too early to call for a consultation about your legal options, so please contact our foreclosure and bankruptcy attorneys at 727-344-0123 as soon as possible.



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