Common Car Accident Injuries

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Car accidents are extremely common in the United States, accounting for more than 37,000 deaths per year. Although most car accidents are not fatal, they still cause thousands of injuries every year. These injuries can range from minor bruises to broken bones and traumatic brain injuries, which can have lifelong health implications. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most common injuries that motorists sustain in car accidents and how they are caused.

Head and Neck Injuries

The most common neck injury in car crashes is whiplash. Whiplash is an injury to the soft tissue of the neck and upper back, and it occurs when the muscles and ligaments of the neck and upper back are stretched due to sudden movements. This stretching is often caused by the sudden jerking of the head, which can occur when one vehicle strikes another.

Head injuries are caused by the same forces as whiplash. If the force of an impact in a collision is great enough, it can cause an occupant’s head to strike nearby objects, including the steering wheel, dashboard, console, or windows. In some cases, this can cause traumatic brain injuries, a very serious condition in which the brain tissue is damaged from hitting the inside of the skull. Traumatic brain injuries can lead to health problems, including nausea, fatigue, headaches, seizure, and cognitive or physical impairments.

Arm and Leg Injuries

Due to their exposure and relatively free movement, an occupant’s arms are at great risk of striking nearby objects or getting scraped or cut by projectiles. For example, the force of an impact in an accident often causes occupants’ knees to hit the dashboard or the seats in front of them. Glass, airbags, dash-mounted GPS systems, cell phones, coffee mugs, purses, or anything else that is not physically attached to the automobile can cause scrapes and cuts to the arms and legs in an automobile accident. Loose objects automatically become projectiles in a vehicle collision, and the severity of the injury depends on the type of object that strikes you.

Chest Injuries

The force of a collision can cause injuries when the chest strikes a nearby object. Chest injuries are particularly dangerous for the driver because of the steering wheel’s position. Blunt force trauma to the chest in a car accident can cause broken ribs, collapsed lungs, cardiac arrest, and damage to internal organs, the pelvis, and the abdomen.

Emotional Distress

Car accidents frequently cause emotional distress, which can manifest itself in many ways, including anxiety, depression, and even post-traumatic stress disorder. Young children especially can develop a fear or phobia of cars and driving after an accident, and suffer from nightmares and flashbacks. While the physical wounds from a car accident can often heal fairly quickly, emotional injuries are much more complicated and can take months or even years to dissipate.

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Injured by a Drunk Driver? You May Likely be Entitled to Compensation

There are many festivities planned each year to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the St. Petersburg area. While revelers will be out wearing green and celebrating their Irish heritage (or pretending they are Irish for the day), there will also be an increased risk of accidents and injuries on the roads around St. Pete. This is because, unfortunately, too many people make the dangerous decision to become intoxicated and then try to drive home.

Consequences for Drunk Drivers

If you are injured by a drunk driver on St. Patrick’s Day or on any other day of the year, you should be aware that you have certain legal rights. However, you must often take action on your own to invoke these rights. Too many people believe that law enforcement and prosecutors will help them receive compensation as victims of drunk drivers, which is generally not the case.

When a drunk driver is arrested following an accident, they can face fines and jail time if they are convicted of driving under the influence in violation of Florida law. However, these fines largely go to the courts and a criminal case will not work to compensate you for the medical bills, lost income, or pain and suffering you experienced because of the drunk driver.

Instead, you must bring your own legal action in Florida civil court to seek the compensation you deserve from the dangerous driver. The process of filing a personal injury lawsuit can be complicated, however, an experienced St. Petersburg personal injury attorney can guide you through the process. We know how to use a criminal DUI conviction of the driver to your advantage to help resolve your case in the most favorable and efficient manner possible.

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I was in a Single-Vehicle Accident. What Happens Now?

Car accidents can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons. While we often think of car accidents as involving two or more vehicles, that is not always the case. A recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) report shows that in 2013, nearly fifty-seven percent of nationwide motor vehicle deaths involved single-vehicle accidents.

Single-vehicle accidents impact many Americans and Floridians every year. Still, because single-vehicle accidents only involve one driver, many drivers may incorrectly assume that he or she is not entitled to recover. Accidents can occur as a result of driver-related errors but can also occur as a result of another’s negligence. Whenever a single-vehicle accident results from another person’s negligence, the victim may be able to recover damages from the responsible party.

Although each case is unique, some common causes of single-vehicle accidents are as follows:

Another Driver’s Negligence

A driver who is not involved in an accident may ultimately cause the accident itself. Negligent drivers may force another vehicle off the road where it strikes a fixed object or some other act may result in injuring the driver.

Manufacturer or Design Defect

Accidents may not be caused by a driver at all. Instead, a manufacturing defect may cause the accident. The defect causing the accident can be part of the design of the vehicle itself or be caused by a defectively manufactured part of the vehicle, including brakes or tires.

Negligently Designed or Maintained Roads

Single-vehicle accidents may also be caused by dangerous road conditions that the local municipality has negligently failed to maintain. Dangerous conditions such as potholes, dangerous inclines, or the lack of warning signs for known hazards may lead to single-vehicle accidents.

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