July 4th can Mean Accidents and Injuries

Independence Day is often the highlight of the summer as the holiday means time off work to spend celebrating with family and friends. There are many ways that people celebrate the 4th of July, from barbecues at home to festivals and parades to weekend getaways. No matter how you’re planning to celebrate this summer, it is important to be aware of the risks of accidents and injuries over this holiday. The following are some of the most common injuries that can occur over the 4th of July holiday.

  • Car accidents – A lot of families set off on road trips for the holiday and many people are on the roads because they have the day off work and want to engage in activities with their families and friends. This results in more people on the roads and a greater risk of crashes. In addition, many people drink alcohol as part of their celebrations, so the risks of drunk driving accidents are particularly high on this holiday. It is commonly known as the deadliest day on the road of the entire year.
  • Boating accidents – Many people who live in St. Petersburg or who are visiting for the holiday take to the water on boats for their celebrations. This results in a large number of inexperienced boaters in a small area, many of whom may be impaired by alcohol or may be distracted. Not surprisingly, this can increase the risks of boating accidents, including collisions, drownings, and other events that may cause serious injuries.
  • Pedestrian accidents – The 4th of July can mean public celebrations including concerts, parades, and more. This often means there are more people out walking on the streets of St. Petersburg. Combined with the increase in drunk or distracted drivers, this can mean more pedestrian accidents.

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