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Facing Foreclosure All foreclosure lawyers are not equal, and having the right lawyer can be the difference between keeping and losing your home. All foreclosure cases also are different, but crafting an effective foreclosure defense can be a uniform process with the right attorney. It is always a good idea to have all personal documentation in hand when consulting with an attorney about your case, even on the initial visit.

This allows the attorney to get a better idea of your individual circumstance while looking at foreclosure defense possibilities. Some creditors are more open to negotiation than others, and many will actually renegotiate the terms of a loan if the payment plan is acceptable. But, this process often takes the right legal representative to negotiate those terms. That is where the foreclosure attorneys at Berkowitz & Myer excel. The best solution is always a workable solution.

How to Choose the Right Florida Lawyer For Your Foreclosure Defense

Being prepared when you talk to an attorney about your foreclosure defense is important. This also includes the beginning process of finding an attorney, whether you are using the phone or the Internet. Contacts from the Department of Housing and Urban Development should also be included when the federal government is involved in the foreclosure motion.
Foreclosure lawyers like the Berkowitz & Myer have information on their websites that can provide quick answers to many of the questions you may have regarding what you may need to bring. Standard documents indicating the account balance and payment schedule are important, but contact information between you and the creditor before the intent to foreclose can be excellent additional information when the case investigation begins.
Your initial consultations is free, and being prepared at the first meeting may result in a quicker resolution. Many times your home may have significant equity and qualify for bankruptcy protection when a creditor is not willing to negotiate a mortgage agreement.


The best attorney for your foreclosure defense is the one who can identify the problem and propose a solution. Sometimes the problem can be an over-aggressive creditor. Documented evidence indicating that the creditor was fraudulent in approving the loan, or acting unethically or illegally, can directly impact a foreclosure decision.
Need help with foreclosure defense?An experienced and effective foreclosure attorney like Jesse Berkowitz understands these situations and fights aggressively to defend their clients who are victims of predatory lending practices. The best attorney is one who will deliver an honest assessment of your foreclosure case, including whether or not to consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.


Always remember that a meeting with a foreclosure attorney is a business meeting because you are attempting to keep your home. Being serious about keeping your home can make a big difference in finding a solid attorney who you can trust. This is also the position of the foreclosure attorneys at our firm.
Berkowitz & Myer is an experienced and effective foreclosure defense team who understands the conditions of the Florida home foreclosure market. Mediation may work in some cases, but bankruptcy protection can also be implemented when conditions are right. Anyone in Florida who may be facing home foreclosure can contact us at our St. Petersburg, Florida office by calling (727) 344-0123 or by completing the form on this page. Having the right foreclosure lawyer can be the difference between losing and keeping your home.

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Attorneys are one of those things in life you hope you never need, but when you do you should make sure you select the right one and Berkowitz & Myer is the right one.


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